Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blog-A-Thon: SHORT FILM WEEK (12/2 - 12/8)

Short Film Week is now over. The blog-a-thon was a great success, and I think we received a number of very interesting entries.

Be sure to check out my blog-a-thon co-host Culture Snob as well.

Day 7: 12/8
Two more Looney Tunes cartoons at Only the Cinema
Opening credits of Dexter and A brief blog-a-thon discussion at Scanners
In praise of the music video at Culture Snob
On an ad for Now magazine at Maul of America

Day 6: 12/7
Six Chuck Jones cartoons at Only the Cinema
Our Friend the Atom at Liverputty
Andrea Arnold's Wasp at Fin de Cinema
What's Opera, Doc? at The House Next Door
Stephen Nadelman's Terminal Bar at Culture Snob

Day 5: 12/6
Four short films at Only the Cinema (Mekas, Franju, Hestand, DeMond)
Pedro Almodóvar's Shrinking Lover at Culture Snob
Eli Roth's Thanksgiving trailer at Is That So Wrong?
Short Film Year: A Remembrance at Forward to Yesterday
Art Clokey's Gumbasia at Too Many Projects Film Club
Thomas the Tank Engine at Gee Bobg
Raymond Red's Anino at Critic After Dark

Day 4: 12/5
Three short films at Only the Cinema (Haynes, Melville, Saul Levine)
Short films and the Academy (cont'd) at Strange Culture
A Short Film About Failure: Contact at Culture Snob
René Laloux's How Wan-Fô Was Saved at Lessons From the School of Inattention
Brakhage's Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes at Too Many Projects Film Club
Short films and the Academy Awards at Strange Culture
Lucifer Rising 2: Bee Girls, Lifesize Cats, etc... at Fin de Cinema (20 more music videos)

Day 3: 12/4
Three films by Hiroshi Teshigahara at Only the Cinema
Sitcom Themes and Broadway at Filmbo's Chick Magnet
Mark Osborne's More at Lazy Eye Theatre

An old post on Two Maya Deren shorts at Ferdy On Films

A wealth of old riches from Quiet Bubble: Weerasethakul’s Anthem | Brakhage's Act of Seeing With One's Own Eyes and Window Water Baby Moving | Feist music video

Day 2: 12/3
Three Free Cinema shorts at Only the Cinema
Piet Kroon's T.R.A.N.S.I.T. at Culture Snob
Radiohead's No Surprises at Under the Influence
Lucifer Rising, Come Into My World at Fin de Cinema (thoughts on 20+ music videos)
Three New Order music videos at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind
Paris je t'aime at Fin de Cinema

Day 1: 12/2
Five short films at Only the Cinema (Haynes, Leconte, Anger, and Rybczynski)
Cronenberg's Camera at Culture Snob
Filipino short films at Lessons From the School of Inattention

Preliminary Writings
Introductory Thoughts at Culture Snob
Scorsese's Key to Reserva at Only the Cinema


Bob Turnbull said...

Great idea...Broadening the scope to music videos, commercials, etc. realy opens this up for so many possibilites. I hope to contribute a couple of things if possible...

DavidEhrenstein said...

The short films that have meant the most to me over the years include

A Movie

Rose Hobart

La Jetee

Les Maitres Fous

Daybreak Express

Gare du Nord

Toby Dammit

Deborah Nicol said...

Palm Springs has a fantastic ShortFest.
Check out reviews from this year's offerings.

Read my blogs from during the fest.

Marilyn said...

Now that I see you do take older posts, here's my contribution of two by Maya Deren:

Noel Vera said...

Hi, Ed, got an old article here about the little short that Cannes

Bob Westal said...

I e-mailed you and Mr. C. Snob, but I thought I'd also alert the universe immediately that my post is up. Thanks for doing this. Great stuff.

Divers and Sundry said...

This blogathon has been great fun. Thanks!

My favorite post was the one on "What's Opera, Doc". I've been looking at a DVD set that includes that short, and now I really must buy it.

Chad said...

I wonder how many people recognize the still from La Jetée. I imagine there's quite a few, but a great many (in my experience) don't know the film.

Great content, all of it. When's the next short film blogathon?