Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club

A new monthly film club has been born, founded by three of my favorite bloggers: Jonathan at Cinema Styles, Marilyn at Ferdy On Films, and Rick at Coosa Creek. The idea is simple:

The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club is neither old nor important but it is a place for serious-minded film lovers to come together to watch, write about and discuss film. Each month a different member will select a film for everyone in the club to watch with a given date for discussion. On that date the member who chose the film will put up a post on their blog about the film with other members expected to join in the discussion.

Basically, each month one blog will be the centralized location for discussion: the blogger will pick a film to be discussed, post about it on a designated date, and then wait for the flood of comments to let loose. Marilyn will be posting about the first film, Jennifer Baichwal's documentary The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia, on January 12. The bloggers who will be choosing films are already scheduled for the next year, and several have already picked what films they will be selecting. My own pick, slated for discussion in July 2009, is Paul Verhoeven's Black Book. You can check out all the details and be kept up to date on current and upcoming discussions at the Oldest Established Really Important Film Club. Jonathan has also designed several sidebar buttons and banners, like the one above or the one you may have already noticed along the side of this site. Anyone who is interested in this club — as a participant, commenter, or simply a reader — should use one of these banners to help spread the word.


Greg said...

Thanks for the write up Ed. I think we've got a great selection of movies so far. I'm really impressed with everyone's choices and look forward to getting things rolling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ed. I'm really excited about the club and the great people who are going to be involved. Black Book is one of my favorite films from recent years (I posted on it myself), so I'm very glad you selected it. More people need to see it and take something from it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ed. Thanks for the write up. As Jonathan said, we have a pretty good line up, and I'm looking forward to expanding my mind. Black Book will undoubtedly do that.