Thursday, July 2, 2009

Black Book Is TOERIFC

As some of you may know, the ironically named Oldest Established Really Important Film Club (which is neither old nor important, but is a film club) is a monthly gathering of film bloggers centered around films selected by the members. Every month, someone picks a film and writes a post about it, then opens up the comments for a lengthy and exhaustive discussion of the film in question. This month, it's my turn to make the selection, and I've chosen Paul Verhoeven's World War II epic Black Book. It's a film that should spark a lot of discussion, and I'm inviting everyone to come stop in, even if you've never participated in a TOERIFC discussion before. There are no membership requirements and no barriers: just show up and make your voice heard. It's a great experience, a great way to explore a film in depth. Past discussions can be found at the TOERIFC site, and should give some idea of the wide-ranging discourse that surrounds the typical selections.

The date for my post on Black Book is July 20, and the post will be up at 10:00 AM, Eastern Standard Time. So get acquainted (or reacquainted) with the film, then stop by on July 20 or anytime after to join the conversation.


The Film Doctor said...

I look forward to your discussion of Black Book. Do you have any other images of the movie to help promote the TOERIFC get-together?

Ed Howard said...

Well, there's this one.

And I'm sure that soon Greg will have some sidebar banners for people to promote the discussion with.

I'm looking forward to this as well.

Greg said...

Ed, you beat me to it. Lately I've been waiting until about two weeks prior to put up all the banners and buttons which would place us at next week which is of course my blogathon week. I promise I'll get banners worked on soon.

Ryan Kelly said...

This is such a perfect selection because I've been on such a Verhoeven kick as of late. I've watched all his Hollywood pictures, so this is going to kick off me getting started with his Dutch movies.

Looking forward to it, Ed.

Ed Howard said...

Thanks, Greg. I'll be putting up more reminder posts closer to the event, but I just wanted to get an early one out there to push people towards getting ahold of the film.

And Ryan, you have so many treats ahead of you if you only know Verhoeven from his Hollywood films. As good as many of those are, his Dutch work is what really makes him one of my favorites.

Ryan Kelly said...

Looking very forward to it. Had to resort to torrents for Soldier of Orange and Turks Fruit/Turkish Delight. I'll be acquiring Black Book nice and ethically, though.

Of his H-Wood output RoboCop is far and away my favorite.