Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Upcoming Blogathons

In the next two weeks, there are two exciting and worthy blogathons that everyone should definitely check out, and participate if you can.

The first is For the Love of Film (Noir), a sequel to the highly successful original For the Love of Film blogathon which took place last year. The blogathon is once again organized by the fine ladies at Ferdy on Films and Self-Styled Siren. This blogathon will be running from February 14-21, and as with the last one, it is a fund-raising blogathon, intended to raise money for the Film Noir Foundation. Any money raised during the blogathon will go towards the great work being done in film preservation by this Foundation — and will be specifically targeted to save and restore Cy Endfield's 1950 film The Sound of Fury. So be sure to visit both of the host blogs this week, and to donate to the Foundation using the special link that's specific to the blogathon. Also check out the promotional video above, created by Greg Ferrara of Cinema Styles. I'll be posting about film noir all week long as well, in order to help promote this great event.

The second film blogathon I'd like to call attention to is the Iranian Film Blogathon hosted by The Sheila Variations. This blogathon is prompted by the imprisonment of Iranian director Jafar Panahi by the Iranian government, and is dedicated to both Panahi's work and the work of other directors from his country. If you're interested in Iranian cinema, or if like me you'd like to learn more, you should definitely check out all the activity going on at Sheila's blog from February 21-27. I'm going to try to write about Panahi's 1997 film The Mirror at some point during the week.


Sheila O'Malley said...

Ed - thank you for promoting! I'm excited for the Film Noir one as well!

I really look forward to what you are going to write. Much appreciated!!

DavidEhrenstein said...

I've already started.

Blogathon: M (1951)