Friday, July 1, 2011

Record Club #3: Sam Amidon on July 25

Sam Amidon - All Is Well (2007)

The third installment of the Inexhaustible Documents Record Club has now been announced. Carson Lund of Are the Hills Going to March Off? has selected the 2007 album All Is Well by the indie/folk singer Sam Amidon. The discussion will be taking place at Carson's site on July 25, so if you're interested in participating, listen to the album a few times before then so you can join the comment section.

Previous installments of the record club are now listed in the sidebar of the Inexhaustible Documents site, and both albums selected so far have prompted lively and interesting discussions. As Carson says in his announcement, this album is likely to prompt a similarly impassioned response.

If you'd like to promote the Record Club, you can display the banner below by pasting the code onto your own blog.

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