Friday, October 9, 2009

Some announcements

I've got a couple of updates here, for those who are interested. The first is that, as some of you may have noticed, my brief attempt to start a calendar to keep track of film blog events was quickly aborted. The fact is, I underestimated how much work it would take, I couldn't settle on a good format for updating, and when you get right down to it, I'd much rather be doing actual writing — or watching movies, for that matter — in my free time instead of working on a project like that. I do really apologize for not following through on that site for longer, and I thank everyone who supported and helped promote the idea after my initial announcements.

In somewhat better news, I've started writing about comics for the online comics community and shop Poopsheet Foundation. I'll be writing about small-press and independent comics and minicomics there, at a fairly regular pace. My first review, of the anthology Ghost Comics, has been posted already, and I'll have much more to post there in the coming weeks.

If you're interested in following my writing about comics, take a look at my newly revived other blog, Disorder & Its Opposite. Over there, I'll be putting up links to all my Poopsheet reviews as they're posted, and will also likely be doing other sporadic posts about comics and music. Since this blog is exclusively focused on movies, I'll be using that site for anything else I want to write about. Check it out.


Greg said...

Okay, The Invisible Edge and Cinema Styles have been updated with Disorder & its Opposite.

And Ed, don't apologize for ditching the film calendar. That kind of thing is work and I was amazed you even did it for as long as you did. I've started and stopped so many blogs I've forgotten how many I've had. Most lasted just a few posts. Let's see, I had a political blog for about six months, a skeptical inquiry blog for about four months, a pop culture blog that was the forerunner of Invisible Edge, a serial story blog (you remember that one, Death Ray Daughters) and a couple of others, one very short-lived one about 90s pc games. In all I've had around ten blogs with three keepers: Cinema Styles, Invisible Edge and Unexplained Cinema. All three have now been around long enough that I know they're here for good and Edge and Unexplained require only picture posts with little to no writing so there's no pressure in updating.

You, however, appear to be starting another writing job with Poopsheet. Don't get in over your head with two writing blogs. Don't ever let yourself feel pressured to produce anything, just write when the mood strikes.

Ed Howard said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Greg. I'm definitely approaching all of this stuff in the spirit that I'm doing it because I want to -- I won't let it become an obligation. I like having these outlets to write about the things that interest me, and if it ever ceased being fun, I'd stop doing it.

bill r. said...

My blog became an obligation months ago. I have a wife and cats to feed, after all.

Troy Olson said...

I'll be checking out the comic blog, for sure. Oh, and I've found your Woody Allen posts from 2008 invaluable as I've been making a run through his films this week, so instead of commenting on each one, I'll just say that your takes on them are terrific. Keep up the good work, Ed!

Ed Howard said...

Bill, I wouldn't have guessed considering your continuing quantity and quality of posts.

Troy, thanks, I really appreciate it!