Monday, April 25, 2011

Inexhaustible Documents: The Record Club

As the title says, I've started a new project, called Inexhaustible Documents, a Record Club organized among a number of bloggers who normally write primarily about film, but who also have some interest in music. If you remember the way the film club TOERIFC worked, the Record Club is going to work along similar lines. Each month, one member of the club will pick an album to recommend to everyone else. Over the subsequent few weeks, everyone will listen to the album, and then return to the site of the person who selected the album for a discussion about the music. The vibe should be relaxed and conversational, an online version of friends casually trading recommendations and commenting on them, and in that spirit the membership of the Record Club is appropriately fluid and open. There are already a number of active members (Jake Cole, Dennis Cozzalio, Marilyn Ferdinand, Carson Lund, Drew McIntosh, Kevin Olson, Troy Olson) who have committed to participating in the club, and a few others who may join in from time to time, but the monthly discussions will be open to anyone who's listened to that month's album and wishes to participate. Those who are interested in picking albums and hosting discussions will also be able to do so down the line.

Each month, there will be an announcement towards the beginning of the month in several places: here, at the new Inexhaustible Documents blog, and at that month's host blog. For the first month of the Club, I've selected the introductory album, and the discussion will be hosted here at Only the Cinema starting on May 23. Information on the selected album is below. There's also a small banner if you wish to promote the Record Club.

The first pick for the club is:

The Congos - Heart of the Congos (1977)

It's spring, a great season for listening to reggae, and this is one of the greatest reggae albums of all time.

If you're interested in participating in the club, take a listen (or, better yet, a few listens) to the Congos' debut — for the first time or the thousandth — and come back here on May 23 for a discussion of the album.

If you'd like to promote the Record Club, you can display the banner below by pasting the code onto your own blog.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


Sam Juliano said...

My techological skills when it comes to navigating the site sidebar are practically non-existant, but I'll definitely get some help in posting the banner on our sidebar. Needless to say a fantastic venture here!

Ed Howard said...

Thanks a lot, Sam, I appreciate any promotion for the new project. I'm hoping this will start some good discussions.

Sam Juliano said...

Dee Dee has just performed her magic. It's up there. I'm sure you'll be fielding some awesome discourse!

MP said...

I love that idea! I do have a French blog about music and will certainly comment on the discussions hosted in the Record Club! Nice initiative!

Ed Howard said...

Thanks, Michaël, I look forward to your contributions!