Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lips of Blood: Guest Post at Fascination

Taking a quick break from this week's worthy Film Preservation blogathon and its celebration of Alfred Hitchcock, I have authored a guest post for Jeremy Richey's great blog Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience. Jeremy, who also runs the equally fantastic movie blog Moon in the Gutter, is among other things one of the Internet's primary champions of and authorities on the French horror auteur Jean Rollin. His blog dedicated to Rollin is one of the best resources on this cult director. I have recently, in part because of Jeremy's advocacy, been exploring Rollin's work in some depth, so when he asked me to contribute a piece on Rollin to his blog, I was thrilled.

So head over to Fascination to read my review of Rollin's Lips of Blood, which is quite possibly my very favorite of his films, a haunting and typically bizarre film about memory, nostalgia, and the allure of the supernatural.


Sam Juliano said...

I have only seen FASCINATION of Rollin's features, but this stupendous descriptive analysis makes it very very tempting to acquire the film on blu-ray:


Ed Howard said...

Thanks, Sam. If you like Fascination I'd definitely recommend diving into this one and perhaps a few others to get more of a taste of Rollin. This is my personal favorite.